pear the agency - it means something different to everybody.





Our goal is to get clients in the news.
This was a practice formerly known as public relations, but today it’s so much more than that. Simply put, we’re experts in all things media. We first analyze your brand or you as a person, then we come up with a customized plan that gets you the news coverage you deserve.

We bring out your inner news beauty.
We believe that everyone has a story to tell. Every business has the potential to be on that hot new podcast or be part of the latest interesting news story that’s being sent to iPhone lock screens across the country. We’ll help you realize the story you should be telling.
We’ve seen it all.
Our staff has a deep understanding of multiple industries. We’ve collectively worked for some of the world’s largest household names, yet have also represented companies that were just months old looking to get their first-ever piece of news coverage. We’ve gotten press coverage from things like the most obscure product to the simplest of tips. Our broad experience allows us to see the big picture, and know where you fit in the media puzzle.